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Life Time Income Planning

Throughout your whole working life, you've received a paycheck on a set regular schedule. You are used to knowing how much each month you will be getting in your check. Once retirement comes you will no longer be receiving those large systematic paychecks but will have start relying on your retirement savings. Yes you will have social security but that will be a lot smaller than your previous paychecks. You have been saving diligently and have accumulated wealth within your retirement accounts, but now what? How do you transition your wealth into income to maintain your retirement style of living that you have dreamed of.

Once retirement is reached you will want to reevaluate your overall asset allocation to make sure your portfolio is structured to generate the lifelong income that you will need.

Some lifelong income strategies include:

  • Income annuities
  • Dividends
  • Interest Income
  • Social Security Pension Planning
  • IRA Distribution Planning

Too many times we see clients who have reached or are about to reach retirement who still have portfolio's with extremely large allocations to equities, plan on taking social security at the earliest age of 62, and have done zero income planning. These planning decisions could end up costing you dearly in your retirement years. It is important to remember that one bad year in retirement could end up costing you the rest of your retirement.


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